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3D printing

Did you think printing in 3D was as simple as sending an .stl (file type used in 3D modelling) file to a 3D printer and it prints? Sadly no. To actually print something in 3D you need to download a slicer software, input your stl file into the slicer, configure settings depending on filament, generate G-code for the printer, etc…

A lot to take in right? Yeah, we know. That’s why lanilabs built the easiest 3D visualizer on the market.

What’s so important about a Visualizer?

This is why.

Visualizers allow you to examine what your design will look like on the printer’s plate (surface where printing will take place) and more importantly choose your settings for the model and the filament of choice.

No one wants to end up with a curly wig.

What makes our visualizer different than the competitors?

Our visualizer was built with our mission in mind, which is to make 3D printing simple. Normally, there are 200 variables someone has to keep in mind before they print. Instead of worrying about the variables, we preset the best settings for you so you don’t ever have to worry them.

We’ve built the simplest visualizer out there. 

This makes 3D printing more accessible to everyone and shifts the focus to the more important part, the PRINTING!

The visualizers currently available in the market are either a hassle to understand and/or expensive to use. Lani is completely free and is built in our website. YES! You heard it right, it is a built web platform so you don’t have to download or setup the software. Try out our visualizer here

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