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WATERLOO, Ontario, July 18, 2016 – Lani, a Velocity backed 3D printing startup, built an industry changing platform that optimizes the 3D printing process to merely 3 steps.

For too long, 3D printing has been limited to those who have the budget or the network to access a 3D printer. Additionally, it can be a cumbersome to print designs, having to keep in mind over 200 variables within the slicing process. Our platform makes this process easier.

Lani is a payment and management system for 3D Print Centres that enables universities, public libraries and partnering 3D Print Centres to automate payment, manage users, designs and materials, allowing everyone and anyone the opportunity to access a 3D printer in their area. We alleviate the pains of owning your own printer, slicing your models, keeping track of print settings, and much more. We make it as simple as uploading your design to the lani website, picking your printer options (filament, type of printer, etc.), and pressing print.

Lani’s newly built online platform (www.lanilabs.com) has a sleek design and intuitive user interface that will allow users to seamlessly navigate and operate. The platform’s structure was built with the company’s mission in mind “Bringing 3D printing to mainstream and make it insanely easy for people to use 3D Printers”.

“I wanted to build a system where anyone, anywhere can submit a design very quickly without much problem,” says lani CEO Pablo Eder. “I think people should focus on learning how to design a 3D model, but not really on the settings of the printer. You should be able to just hit ‘print.’“

Pablo believes that 3D printing will be the next norm. With an industry annual growth at 40% and the Chinese government committing to put 3D Printers in all 400’000 elementary schools by next year, 3D printing is on the constant rise.

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